Women’s Reproductive Rights

I am a woman and completely for people’s individual rights and freedoms! And we women have EVERY right to decide what happens to OUR OWN bodies! We have the power to stay safe, to say no, to wait, or to let go and take risks with our bodies in love, lust, or sex. But, once a child is conceived, that is a separate living and growing human being!

You know, throughout history, we as humans, have decided black people don’t matter as much so we can kill them, abuse them, and turn them into slaves.

We decided the Native American people were less important than us, and we stole their land, killed them, sent them on the Trail of Tears, and many are still living in impoverished, squalid conditions because we did not believe their lives mattered.

It happened with the Jewish as well and so many people either helped mass murder them or they just looked the other way, as millions upon millions of innocent people were murdered because they were seen as less than other’s in some way.

We seem to think our own lives matter more than anyone else’s and pick and choose who else matters to us.

Why does a baby’s life matter less than ours, because it is not yet out of the womb? The smallest, most innocent, most indefensible of us all, and we think it’s okay to eliminate a life, snuff it out, whenever it’s not convenient for us in some way? Or because it might make life harder for us to have a child?

We, as women, are supposed to love our bodies, and cherish it, protect it! And we are charged with protecting our own children too, even while they are still growing and developing within us!

If all black life matters, why don’t all black baby’s lives matter? Native American baby’s? Asian baby’s? Until ALL lives matter, we cannot really spout that we are for equality for all, can we? Because if we think like you, not all humans are created equal and we need to only look out for ourselves, right? Nobody else matters as much as ourselves to us, right? Because to me, that is the message abortion sends to the world…and we wonder why this world is so messed up. 😔

Murder should NEVER be okay and when you have an abortion, you are ending a human life…that is murder no matter how you try and excuse it! Only living things grow and develop and we are ALL just a mass of cells, even after birth and into adulthood!

We can focus on prevention and solving the problems that lead women to make such a horrible and painful decision, but abortion should NEVER be the answer. No, not even after a rape. My oldest daughter is the result of a rape and is biracial…I remember being heartbroken and scared and not knowing how I was going to get through any of it, but I knew no matter what, it wasn’t my baby’s fault and I wasn’t going to sentence HER to death for the sins of someone else…and while I did not deserve what happened to me, I DID put myself in a position that made it easier to become a victim of rape. I own my own responsibility in what happened. I shouldn’t have had alcohol that night and was underage, still in high school, so that part was on me. No matter what though, none of it was my child’s fault! She is 30 now, with four beautiful children of her own…so many lives got to exist and become because of one very small but very tough decision! None of it was easy but why do we think life is supposed to be easy? We’d never learn and grow if life was always easy!

Women’s rights and freedoms begin in the womb!!!

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