The problem with abortion…

For those bringing up rape and children in the foster care system…

There are MORE children in the foster care system since abortion became legal…I would dare guess, 500 times more, today than before abortion became legal!

It hasn’t been a solution! It has contributed to the problem!

It gave males and females alike, an attitude that casual sex, irresponsible behavior, unsafe sex practices, were all okay because there was a supposed “easy and affordable answer” if anyone ended up pregnant before wanting to be pregnant!

However, it never took into account how many women would not find out soon enough or how many would not be able to abort, but also weren’t ready to raise a child, so instead of being a solution as you seem to think it’s supposed to be, it has had the opposite effect on society and our children!

Those that designed the abortion plan system, designed it to kill off the blacks and other minorities…did you know that? Did you know Margaret Sanger was racist and wrote documents and did experiments on Eugenics and often fled to Germany to escape criminal charges here, which helped contribute to the Holocaust and Hitler’s plan of an Aryan run world and all impure people by his standards, would be eventually eliminated! I mean, you are basically supporting racism and Eugenics by supporting abortion, and probably don’t even realize it because she had to find a way to make it seem appealing and like a good thing…and she did truly believe in women’s reproductive rights, so she didn’t have to lie about her motives there.

Abortion was designed to help kill off the undesirables of the world according to racist people…to prevent more black and other minority babies or poor , uneducated baby’s from poor white trash. Why do you think the clinics were placed in the poorest and worst parts of towns everywhere? 🤔

Finally, if you truly cared about the children in foster care, you would also care about the infants still in the womb and finding a solution that actually protects ALL children and women from ending up in situations that lead to these things in the first place!

Abortion is not and will never be an answer and it is definitely not a right solution morally or legally! Murder should never be legal!

Part of the solution needs to come from a place of kindness and respect for ALL other human’s, no matter how big or small, what age, what color, etc.! When we value each human life equally, and as equally as we value our own, many of the problems in this world will start to solve themselves!

Rapists wouldn’t rape if they saw other people as valuable and had respect and kindness for others.

People would be more careful in having sex with one another, if they valued each other as they should, and respected each other and practiced kindness! Sex and relationships would mean more to us all and everyone would be a lot more careful about not risking a pregnancy if they weren’t ready.

The reason we have all these problems now is BECAUSE we do not respect or value each other or see other people’s worth as equally as our own.

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