Peer Support for Abuse Survivors

Last year in May, I found out I was going to be laid off, along with probably thousands of other co-workers.

I was a Regional Nursing Coordinator and my office job turned into a remote position over time, which I discovered I loved because there were less distractions, less noise, drama, etc., to interfere with my work. I loved it so much and things were going so well, in all ways, I truly thought I would retire with this company. So much so, that we finally decided to buy a new home and move somewhere quieter and more peaceful. Being remote, I could live anywhere as long as I had good internet, so we moved to a pretty rural area and into a dream home and setting with beautiful scenery and nature all around! Remote work was going wonderfully and I felt like I had hit the jackpot in every way!

When I found out I was getting laid off, I was heartbroken and frankly, a bit terrified about my financial security and future. We bought this house based on my income there, along with my husband’s income and we need both incomes to afford everything. I was thankful I had two months to prepare for the layoff and that I would be getting a severance package as well, but I knew I needed to find new work and fast! In a rural area, there isn’t as much opportunity as there in a bigger city like where we came from. I started browsing for a new job immediately, but there really isn’t much in my area. I’m either way overqaulified, or am not trained in/educated for, the positions being advertised. I did some major soul-searching and pondered my skills, strengths, and qualifications before realizing that it was maybe, finally, the time for me to start my own business and fulfill a lifelong dream of helping other abuse survivors cope and heal.

You see, I am an abuse survivor. I was molested at the age of five, along with a stepbrother. The absuser was caught and punished. It was a friend/boyfriend to, my oldest sister. She was abused herself, by my birth father. Her fiance and later, husband, also abused me. The first time when I was 9 or 10, then later when my mom was in the hospital dying of cancer. My mom died just after my 13th birthday and they got custody, so the abuse not only continued, but got worse and turned into repeated rape. I eventually ran away and lived with several different people before I finally graduated from high school and got out on my own. It took many years for me to get the help I needed, some of which was due to affordability. I just couldn’t afford the therapy I needed, for a long time. I did finally get the needed support and help though and fought my way to healing and a healthier me.

My mom, my grandmother, my mom’s only sister, and many other family members also suffered through abuse in their own ways too. Not all of them are female victims either. I’ve lost count of the friends and acquaintances I’ve discovered were also abused, and it really angers me to know so many have been abused!

But, while I cannot fix the damage that has already been done to all of those hurt by abuse, one thing I CAN do is, be there for people who need help to cope and heal from the abuse they have suffered through!

Why did I go through everything I did? None of it was fair, for any of us survivors! But, I can use all that pain and experience for good and to help others like me! I have found my way back to a healthier me and want to help others do the same, so I started my own business last year offering Peer Support Services for Abuse Survivors.

My new business name for this is Healing on Isabel Laine LLC. I have a Bachelor’s degree and am licensed and can help anyone from any state or country…as long as English is spoken fluently, because I am not fluent in anything but the English language, unfortunately.

I want to be very affordable for everyone so I only charge $25 per session. I also take on charity cases if someone truly needs help but can’t afford it, because I don’t want anyone waiting to get help like I did. You can schedule an appointment with me by going to my website at or by calling or texting me to set up an appointment at 1-989-408-8305. Payments can be accepted via website or via PayPal Business at

Also, if it’s too hard to remember or pronounce my name, you can call me Ann, which is my middle name. I use it for business purposes because it’s easier for some people to say or remember.

I hope you will consider letting me help you if you need it! THIS is why I believe I went through all I did, so that I could be here for others in need!

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