Surgery & Recovery

So, two weeks ago, I had surgery and am still trying to heal. I have about six to eight weeks more before I should be healed enough to start doing normal things again!

It’s been hard, not gonna lie.

Because it was on my chest region…I had a reduction, I am not able to use my arm’s like I’m used to doing, for as much as I’m accustomed to. Just sitting down or standing up, laying down and getting up, is difficult. I had the drains taken out two days ago and it left me more sore and tender again, just when I thought I was on the upswing of pain finally! Nope! Back to pain again! It feels like I got punched in the ribs a few times at least, on both sides, and I am moving around very gingerly! I resemble a T-Rex too, with the way I’m holding my arm’s!

On top of the pain, I noticed the first week after surgery, my digestive system was pretty clogged up. Those meds and stuff really slow things down and harden things up! I am used to taking three things every single day. One is thyroid medication, two is Sulfurzyme, which has helped tremendously with my Fibromyalgia and immune system, and the third thing is Life 9. Both Sulfurzyme and Life 9 are Young Living product’s. The Life 9 is a Probiotic though and it helps keep my digestive system healthy and moving properly.

Two weeks before surgery, I had to stop taking both the Sulfurzyme and the Life 9 and let me tell you, I noticed a difference right away! I felt like my Fibromyalgia symptoms were creeping back up on me, and my digestive system wasn’t working as well. But, between that and the after effects of surgery, it really messed up my digestion and clogged me up! I am so thankful I’m back on both and that finally things are moving in a more healthy way again! I was really afraid I’d have to plunge somehow with my T-Rex arms and limited movement and didn’t want to put my husband through rescuing me from that! Life 9 is a digestive system saviour!

Despite these unpleasantries though, I am so happy to be healing and to be on the lighter side again! I am still chestier than I want to be, but I will be able to shop for normal sizes again at regular stores, not specialty one’s! Hallelujah!

I might not get back to posting regularly again until I’m healed more, but I’m on the road! And I am using a lot of Thieves and Frankincense right now to stay healthy and to help me heal faster! Hopefully I heal faster than expected and cannot wait to hit the gym again and not have limitations! I did already try once, and walked slow and easy on the treadmill, but it was too soon. I regret it. Soon though! And I will be a better me once I’m fully healed!

Oh, and I am close to 9 lbs. lighter since surgery! How crazy is that? Since I’m still quite swollen, I have a feeling once I’m all healed and the swelling is gone, it will end up being more than 10 lbs. gone! Of just chest! I look so much thinner without all that bust! Happy to be back to a lighter side of me again! πŸ™‚β€

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