I see in color

When I look at everyone around me, I notice their color. I notice skin that is as dark as night, a warm brown like chocolate milk, a peachy tone, an ivory white. I notice eyes that are brown, blue, green, or somewhere in between. I noticed these things from a very young age and I still notice them today.

While I notice these things, I also notice whether you’re short or tall, small or large. How your hair is styled and the way you dress. I don’t stop there though. I also notice whether you seem guarded or relaxed, friendly or not, whether your smile reaches your eyes, whether you seem safe or dangerous, kind or cruel, loud or quiet, considerate and polite or rude and selfish.

In a matter of seconds to mere minutes, I have sized you up, just as you have done to me, if you’ve bothered to notice me. Do you like what you see? Do you hate me, without even knowing me?

I see you. I see your skin tone. It never bothered me. I can see beauty in whatever shade you came in, if there is any beauty to see. Your size doesn’t matter to me. Are you judging me?

You make assumptions and think there is hate, but maybe it’s you that hates me? I can see beauty if there’s any to see. I’m looking inside not on the out. There’s a color to your soul that speaks to me. Are you my friend or my foe? That’s all I need to know!

I can see your color. There are 50 shades of human and more. Roses come in many colors but their beauty only grows. I’m only looking at the color of your soul. If there is kindness and possible friendship, that’s the only color I need to know.

Are you still judging me? On the outside or that of my soul?

Helene Ann Castle

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