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Recently I had a couple of bad experiences with doctor’s and it has really left me feeling quite angry, frustrated, and unimportant to the medical world. I feel like it’s a growing problem that needs to be addressed because if it’s happening to me like this, how many others have been affected too?

The first appointment was for a plastic surgeon. I have a very large chest on a body that isn’t as big to hold the weight of them well and I would like a reduction. I have wanted a reduction for about 15 years now.

When I got to this appointment, they put me in a room and had me take my shirt off. While sitting there with only a tissue paper jacket that barely covered me, the doctor came in and sat down across from me long enough to tell me she would not give me a consult. Breast cancer runs in my family and she had fought breast cancer herself. She refused to even talk to me or consider it unless I got counseling and genetic testing done. I begged and pleaded with her to at least hear me out and told her I am not going to have genetic testing done or counseling because it’s a waste of time and money, in my opinion. I didn’t feel she had a right to tell me I had to get those things done first because I had done my research, have worked in the medical field and knew the pros and cons. It’s my body and my decision. She wouldn’t listen. She even implied that my research was not thorough or informed enough! That I wasn’t educated enough to be heard or to have good research material…I used to work in the medical field and not to brag but, I have a pretty high IQ, although Fibromyalgia and Fibro Fog have taken a toll.

I left there angry enough to want to go ten rounds in the boxing ring with her and also, angry enough to cry from the rejection and insult it made me feel! I felt angry and ranted and cried for day’s! To tell me I needed counseling and genetic counseling first is ridiculous! I cannot afford more unnecessary things done! I have known for fifteen years that I want a reduction! I know the pros and cons and am well prepared and sure! Genetic testing won’t change anything for me either.

Breast cancer runs strong in the older generations of my family but, who’s to say it’s genetic? Even if I get the genetic testing done, it won’t change anything either way. If I have the genetic markers for it, I may never get it and if I don’t have it, I could still end up with cancer. It is a waste of time and money and will not do a thing to help me or a doctor! I don’t have the time or money to be wasting on tests that are unnecessary and that they use just to squeeze more money out of people! Technology has advanced enough that even if I were to get breast cancer after a reduction, there are accurate ways to check me regularly and the scarring is minimal these days, so that is a shoddy excuse to not do it.

She let her personal feelings get in the way of her decision and hell, maybe she gets a financial kickback for making people do those unnecessary things too? I honestly wouldn’t be surprised knowing what I know about the medical field and insurance companies these days! It’s becoming harder to trust any of them now and that is pretty scary!

Not only did she refuse to do my consult though or try to respect my feelings on those tests…personally, it goes against my faith in God to do tests like that, but she had the nerve to charge me for the appointment! I should charge her for the wasted gas and time and for making me sit there half naked before she got around to telling me she wouldn’t see me! Why didn’t I get asked these questions when I made the appointment before bothering to go there for a wasted trip? I made some phone calls and complained and the bill has been since retracted, but I am still angry over this! And, so far, nobody is giving me a new referral for someone who WILL do a reduction for me…I feel like I have been blacklisted somehow! I have a right to a reduction and to live life more comfortably! These things are heavy and weigh me down! They kill my back and neck, and I’m getting a hunchback from the weight too! They arrive before I do and they got to go! I don’t know what to do about this situation right now but I am hurt, angry, and feel like nobody cares…the very people who should care and want to help me the most outside of family, could care less. πŸ’”

Now, the other appointment, that was for a urologist. I have been getting kidney stones since I was 19 and they are not caused by diet or anything else I can control. I feel like my one kidney hurts a little all the time and I have been seen more times than I can remember for this problem. I even had a bout with Microalbuminaria and am not sure if I still have the problem or not because nothing has really been done about it. I have had so many appointments for this and they listen and blow me off…I have had ultrasounds and other procedures several times and surgery twice because two were two big to pass on their own, but mostly, they keep telling me it can’t hurt unless there is one passing and do nothing. I know my own body! Only one hurts and it’s the only one I’ve ever had stones in!

Anyway, with this in mind, I had a recent appointment to ask that more be looked into and done about my kidney and bladder issues. When I made the appointment, I told them I did not have a vehicle right now because my car had broken down and I couldn’t afford repairs yet. I told them the appointment needed to be after three and on a Friday because my husband gets out early on Friday’s since that is a day of overtime for him. I had to wait over three months for this appointment. With the same office but a different doctor than I had previously seen, for some odd reason.

Well, they decided to not only cancel the appointment the Monday before, but reschedule it for early in the day on the same day, without talking to me or getting my consent! In all fairness, they did call and leave a message letting me know, but I didn’t get it until after the fact. So, I showed up on the correct day and for the original time, only to be turned away.

The receptionist told me there had been an emergency when I seemed angry and asked her to check if the doctor was still in…she pretended to go check even though I have no doubt she didn’t need to and I pretended to believe she really checked. There was an emergency? They already knew on Monday there was an emergency for Friday? LOL That’s an incredible feat of psychic abilities right there! So funny too, that the emergency happened later in the day on a Friday of Labor Day weekend too! Coincidence perhaps? Hmmm?

Here’s my problem though: I told them when I made the appointment that I needed it on a Friday and later in the day and why! They knew! Even if I had gotten the phone call or the message before the appointment for the original time I made, I would NOT have consented to changing the time or anything about the appointment and considering I had to wait over three months to even be seen, I shouldn’t have had to worry about having my appointment canceled or rescheduled at all! Someone should have been able to see me. I should not have been brushed aside like I don’t matter! Nobody should ever feel like this, especially by a medical facility!

Doctor office’s can charge us if we’re late or we don’t show, if we don’t cancel soon enough in advance, but they can keep us waiting sometimes for hours, to be seen. (And yes, I have been kept waiting for an hour and a half one time, while on a lunch break from my own work at a local hospital by a pissy nurse at a counseling clinic for my son.)

They can keep short hours, not having openings for later in the day, for people who work first shift or for kids who have school. Why should people always miss work or pull kids out of school for appointments? Why aren’t there offices that cater to people with different shifts? Why are these people who are there to serve us and who we pay to serve us, dictating how and when they will care for us and our needs? And how can they just cancel and reschedule things without even speaking to and getting consent from the person it affects or even consider how important it might be to that person and their health, to be seen as soon as possible? Look up Microalbuminaria and tell me if you’d want to wait or be rescheduled? Or even just for kidney stone problems? And, if you were me, what would you do?

Also related, I found out I have Fibromyalgia as well. For year’s, I tried to get help from my previous doctor. I went through every test and medication in the book with no answers. I didn’t find out what it might be until I started going to physical therapy. My health got so bad, I couldn’t work anymore. Eventually, I tried to get Disability because we needed the extra income but I wasn’t healthy enough to go back to work. After all those appointments and tests, medications, etc., though, I was denied disability. I was told I would have to go back to work again for a while before I could apply again. How in the hell am I supposed to go back to work again? I wouldn’t have applied if I could still work! I would much rather work than be considered disabled! But, apparently my previous doctor was worthless at recording how many times I visited and complained, or how many tests and procedures I had been through. It’s seriously like nobody cares anymore! I was so sick for a while there too, I thought I was half in the grave already! But, it doesn’t matter I guess, to anyone but me! What in God’s name is wrong with people these day’s? What happened to their oath? Do any of them go into the field to help people and save lives anymore, or is it all about the money, power, and prestige?

I just don’t know what to think about the medical field anymore. I know the insurance companies interfere and dictate a lot and that angers me too. Especially when we pay so much for them to dictate or deny care! I wish we could get rid of insurance companies completely and also put a cap on the pharmaceutical companies as well, so they can’t get rich off of synthetic meds that might not even be safe for us but get pushed anyway for the profit, despite the danger’s. It honestly sickens me what is going on in too many places and I wish more would be done about it!

I’ve worked in the field and I know there are still good doctors and nurses, and other people in the field, but it’s dwindling fast. It’s sad, scary, and unacceptable!

People deserve REAL care again! Honest and open communication, verbal and physical exams, a real attempt to look into all possible causes and not just prescribe meds and send people on their way! I know some people just want meds and quick fixes, but most of us don’t. We want real answers and solutions! To get to the heart of the problem and fix it, not just mask it or fix the symptoms!

This is why I turned to Young Living Essential Oils! I believe in God and nature providing us with all we need if we use it properly. I went back to my Native American roots and decided to try holistic remedies because the medical field has let me down in every way! Within three weeks of using their products, my Fibromyalgia symptoms were GONE! My immune system hs not been this good since I was a teenager! I now use oil’s and supplements from them daily and haven’t felt this good in many years. I think I’ll be able to go back to work once my youngest son doesn’t need my supervision at home anymore! Fortunately and unfortunately, I’ve had to take my health into my own hands because the doctor’s around here won’t! πŸ’”πŸ˜ 

Sorry for the rant. This just really hurts my heart and I matter! Everyone matters! Nobody should ever feel like they don’t, especially by those who are supposed to care above all others, besides family! I pray nobody else has ever experienced anything this awful from the medical field. πŸ˜”

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