Missing Maya Angelou

My heart still weeps over the world’s loss of you. Today I picked up one of your books while cleaning and browsed through your writing’s and it made me want to cry. I didn’t even know you, but I feel like I did.

You put yourself out there completely and were raw, made bare for the world to see, in your body language, your manner of speech, and in your writing. Your soul was visible to see and feel, even through a book or the TV screen. I feel like I knew you and I can’t help but think the world felt they knew you, for those who paid attention.

You emanated love, warmth, kindness, compassion, understanding, patience, humor, wisdom, and sooo much beauty! Without even knowing you, I know that I loved you and the kind of person you were. Your very essence exuded all good things and I know your soul was made up of all the good things in all of us. You touched me deeply and I miss you! If the world had a lot more Maya Angelou’s, it would be a better world to live in. I have no doubt you earned your Angel Wings…maybe you were an Angel God sent to us all, to teach us what we should all be for those willing to listen and learn? I got your messages and hold them close still…you will never be forgotten! Thank you for all you gave to this world!

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