Busy, bare, or balanced?

I have always loved Art for as long as I can remember. I love to paint and draw, love ceramics and pottery, and just love creating in general. I also love decorating rooms and picking out flooring, tile, paint colors, and all that goes with remodeling a room. I don’t even mind getting down and dirty and installing ceramic tile or working on drywall, myself. In fact, I love that kind of thing!

Despite my love of all things Art though, I never realized I had such strong opinions on it. I guess I thought I always appreciated that everyone has different tastes and what is beautiful to one, might be ugly to another and tried to love and appreciate it all because it is an expression of each individual, and I don’t know about you, but I can find beauty in almost anyone! If you think about it, we are all beautiful pieces of Art! All different and unique but all interesting and fascinating and beautiful in our own ways.

So, I try to look at all creations that way too, but you know what? Some things are just not that beautiful even though I try hard to look at them that way! 😳😞

As I mentioned previously, I like playing this game called Design Home. It’s relaxing for me when I am trying to wind down before sleep or a good time passer when I have time to kill or am just resting for a short time between jobs. I enjoy looking at everyone else’s designs too and voting on my favorites but some are just a bit too much!

Art can be the center of attention and if you want it as the main focus, everything around it should be subtle and bring the focus to the Art. It can just be used as an accent or to complement the rest of the room, and in that case, you don’t want it to take the focus away from the colors or furniture in a room. It should have colors that go well with the room and a theme that matches well. It can also be used to eliminate bare spots so a room looks more complete and homey. In this case, it can be the main focal points or just complimentary additions with pleasing colors or themes that match the room well.

Too much Art and item’s in a room can make it look too busy, confusing, and cluttered. Art that doesn’t go well can just ruin everything and make a room look very uninviting and unappealing. Sometimes bare is better. Sometimes no Art or extra’s in a room actually looks better. Simple and subtle can be very welcoming and pleasing to the eye sometimes, especially over the use of ugly Art or mismatched items! Balanced is always better than too busy or too bare. If the Art you’re going to add doesn’t add to the beauty or do the room justice, don’t use it! 😉

I’m not an Art expert but I am a decent Artist and received an Art Award my senior year of high school, so I have a little bit of knowledge and experience and a good eye.

Below are some do’s and don’ts, in my opinion, for what it is worth. Notice the Art can ruin a whole room…

In the first picture, I love the top design best for furniture and colors, but that piece of Art above the couch is so out of place and off in color and design, I had to pick the bottom picture instead because despite it being more simple and subtle, it’s more appealing to the eye. It looks like a room I’d prefer to spend time in.

In the second picture, the top design uses rugs and Art that look awful, so I had to go with the boring and bare room instead because even though it’s simply done, it looks nice still, in comparison.

In the last design, the bottom picture is too busy to be appealing. Separately, the item’s in the room are very nice picks, but thrown together, a bit messy and cluttered looking. So, the top got my vote. It looks very classy and clean, sparse and without a ton of color or character, but the piece of Art above the couch becomes the main focus and is a beautiful picture!

When decorating, consider the room and what you want the room to make people feel. You can keep it bare, full of color, keep it calm, busy, whatever, but there is a right and wrong way for it all! 😁😉 Use it all wisely, please! My eyes can’t take the visual assaults coming at me so hard! 😂

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