Design Home Game

This game is addictive, especially for people like me who enjoy decorating, even if it’s only virtually! I love this game but I wish there were more ways to earn diamonds or the optional art and other extras needed for decorating, as well as a way to earn more money for furniture! I don’t like how it almost forces people to use actual money to create nice designs and if they don’t, they have to use whatever is in their inventory, even if it’s ugly stuff or doesn’t match well. I fully understand wanting to generate income and don’t blame them for having that option but I think it can be done a little better and in a less greedy and unfair way. Has anyone else tried this game? Below are some of the designs I created. I’ve had some fugly designs at time’s because of a lack of fake cash and selections in my inventory. But, it’s still a fun game, time killer, and distraction when needed.

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