My heart hurts…

I try hard to see the best in everyone and I really do mean, everyone! I also try so hard not to ever judge anyone quickly or harshly without seeing their character first and getting to know it enough to judge fairly. This is part of my character and something I really like to see in others too. I think the world would be a better place if we would all be like this.

But, I see so many people being so quick to form opinions and judgments on others…people they don’t even know or on situations they don’t really know and understand. They THINK they know because of how someone looks, dresses, acts, or because they saw a snippet of video showing enough to emit emotion in the viewers and too many decide it’s their job to play judge and jury. This really disturbs me to my very core!

How many of us want other people judging us without knowing the whole story or why we handled something a certain way? Or even want people who have no business getting involved, playing judge and jury against us? I’m pretty sure none of us want that, so why do so many people do that to others themselves? When did we forget to mind our own business and be kind and respectful towards others? When did we start allowing assumptions to rule us? I find it very sad. We need to go back to leaving that to the people who should have that duty…either the person themselves, or those actually involved and stop sticking our noses in where it doesn’t belong. πŸ˜”

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